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We are always looking for new bright and talented people to join our ranks. Joining Menya Solutions provides a chance to work on artificial intelligence (AI) driven technologies for our clients which include Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC), Thales Canada, Fujitsu Canada, the Canadian Space Agency and MDA Corporation. It also means participating in soon to be marketed products that are being researched and developed at Menya Solutions for the defense, space and health sectors.

The technologies we develop require knowledge and skills in software development, artificial intelligence, complex event processing, simulation and modeling, autonomous robotics, human-computer interaction, and machine-machine interaction.

Why Work With Us?

We believe our greatest asset is our people. When you join us, you join a team of highly qualified and motivated people, who are passionate about what they do and work to make a difference.

We offer a highly dynamic and stimulating work environment, where we promote innovation, creativity and critical thinking. We work on providing solutions to problems using state-of-the-art technologies that are sure to keep you motivated and allow you to progress and grow towards the career of your choice.

We also offer very competitive wages, great opportunities for advancement and a very flexible work environment.

At Menya Solutions, we build the future. If you want to join and become part of our team, contact us at

Position Openings

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