Menya Solutions, Université de Sherbrooke and Mitacs Partnership in the Training of Highly Qualified Personnel


Simon Bousquet, business development director at Mitacs Simon Bousquet, business development director at Mitacs Accelerate Québec, Philippe Bellefeuille, system architect at Menya Solutions, Roxanna Pavel, intern, and Sylvie Jetté, professor and Roxanna’s supervisor, working together.Roxanna Pavel is one of the many graduate students from Université de Sherbrooke that benefits from a research and development grant program offered by Mitacs Accelerate. This program intends to provide a bridge between the need of specialized expertise in business and the need of experience of students across Canada. Roxanna works in partnership with Menya Solutions to develop a training simulator for the conduct of clinical examination. She acts as the nursing science expert under the supervision of Professor Sylvie Jetté. Consult this article from La Tribune for more details about this exciting partnership.